Thursday, April 2, 2015

Review: Man Candy

I really loved this book. There were a lot of funny and crazy moments. Along with some super sexy moments......

Ben is so sweet and down to earth with a tiny wildside to keep him interesting. I love how close he is to his brother and mom. It really rounds out how perfect he really is. 

I will say that I was not a huge fan of Rissa. I get it. I really do but there were several little things that turned me off of her even with the explanations. Probably because of how much she hurt Ben every time......

However true love can not be fought so I also get why Ben had a hard time walking away. 

I seriously LOVED Tanner and Meredith. They were so funny and perfect supporting characters. Tanner is a great brother always there to offer advice.....

All in all I give it a 4* but only because of Rissa. Writing, story development , and the rest of the "cast" get a 4.5* :)

Thanks Jessica for a great book!! 
Hope we get to hear more from Tanner!! ;)

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