Tuesday, April 28, 2015

MC Lovin Book Rally Rafflecopter Winners Post

Rafflecopter Winners Post
All winners have been contacted via email. Please contact the authors as soon as possible.

1) Twisted Nights eBook by Lauren Calhoun- Dessure (dessureh*******@gmail.com)
2) Pushed & Pulled eBooks by AF Crowell- Kelly Watts (kelly********@hotmail.com)
3) Destroyed eBook by Kira Johns- Cassie Caskey (cassie******@yahoo.com)
4) Choice of eBook by AJ Downey- Rosemary (rose**************@gmail.com)
5) eBook Choice from Rough Riders Series by Selene Chardou- Louise KMcKie (storm********@gmail.com)
6) eBook copies of Wayward series(current release) by K Renee- Rachel Lockwood (rach********@yahoo.com)
7) ARC eBook of Forbidden by Alana Sapphire- Sharon Richardson (srich*******@gmail.com)
8) $.99 eBook of choice on Amazon from Bink Cummings- Trudy Dowling (thre****@hotmail.com)
9) Slow Burn eBook by Autumn Lake Jones- Dina (ross*******@yahoo.com)
10) eBook choice by Glenna Maynard- Natalie Weston (nsw******@prodigy.net)
11) Twisted Asphalt by Blue Remy- Vi Brandon (Vi********@gmail.com)
12) UnKiss Me by Dawn Martens- Donna Piecora (dp********@tampabay.rr.com)
13) UnTouch Me by Dawn Martens- Dora Balfour-Lyda (holly********@yahoo.com)
14) Its Just Love Not a Time Bomb by Dawn Martens- Emily Rose (emily******@gmail.com)
15) eBook Choice by Ryder Dane- Crissy Sutcliffe (crissy******@aol.com) 
16) 10 ebooks by Lili St Germain- Gracie Gould (grace*******@gmail.com)
17) $5 Amazon Gift Card from L. Wilder- Andrea Logan (spice*******@yahoo.com)
18) $10 Amazon Gift Card from Shyla Colt- Patty Curry (angel******@netzero.com)
19) $20 Amazon Gift Card from Cherry Shephard- Michelle Brace (lexie*******@hotmail.com)
20) Muriel Garcia Swag Pack- Sheri Klotzer (rotten******@sbcglobal.net)
21) Fatal Obsession eBook by Lynn Stookes- LaVida Briscoe (lav******@yahoo.com)
22) Sea Of Love eBook by Sharon Cummin- Tara Davis (tara*******@yahoo.com)
23) His Assistant Part 1 eBook by Sharon Cummin- Jemma Bell (aut***@jemmabell.com)
24) My StepBrother the Teacher Part 1 eBook by Cindy Wilder- Amanda Reel (amanda*****@live.com)
25) Taken by Her Best Friends Brother Part 1 eBook by Cindy Wilder- Heather Fellows (heather*******@yahoo.com)

 Thank you all for joining us!! 
Hope to see you at our next event!! 
Authors..... thank you once again for your generous donations. 

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