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4 Star Review for the Her Series by Rachael Orman

Her Ride (Her Series #1)
Published - May 28, 2014
383 pgs

Leaving the Marines and returning to the Tormented Souls clubhouse to live with my brother, the president, wasn't as easy as I thought it'd be. I have too many secrets, too many scars to hide from the world. I thought the years away would've dulled the crush I've had on Ellis since I was a child. They didn't. 

He's got his eye on me and nothing I say will change his mind. Not even when my boyfriend shows up and he finds out the darkest, most embarrassing secret I have. He thinks it's the only one I have, little does he know, I have a bigger, scarier one that I absolutely refuse to share.

**WARNING: CONTAINS ADULT CONTENT - Also, please don't bother reading if you think being in the Marines leaves you unfeeling and cold without the need for comfort when far far away from home. Don't read this if you have problems with LOTS of sexy scenes or sex. There is vulgar language used so if that bothers you, probably best to skip this book**

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****4 Stars****

Ryan (Shannon) and Dirty (Ellis) are have a story of a teen crush turned in to adult lust.

The tension and feelings were amazing and sucked me in. I was invested right away.

I hated everything horrible that Ryan had to endure. She was so strong through it all but there was so much bad that I just wanted to kick fate. Eventually that bitch fate made it right but it was a long ride.

Dirty is so dang sweet my teeth hurt. Is not often you see a big alpha male tripping over himself for the woman that's his. It seems that his only mission in life is to make life as easy and perfect as possible for Ryan.

Together they make it through but its not easy and never fair. You learn that they take to heart what dosrnt kill you makes you stronger.

Such a great story. Thank you Rachel!

Her Journey (Her Series #2)
Published - August 27, 2014
270 pgs

I'm the President of the Tormented Souls and if there is one thing I hate, it's women. They are needy and only good for one thing. Spreading their legs. Not even the sweet little thing my sister brings around can change my opinion.

When I agreed to be a surrogate, I didn't realize all that would come with it. I wasn't raised around big, tatted up men who treat women like they are nothing and I refuse to stand to be treated that way. Wrench and I don't get along, but we are stuck together. Something must give. 

**WARNING: CONTAINS ADULT CONTENT. If vulgar language or explicit, naughty sex bothers you, please pass. Also expect a hard headed man and a stubborn woman. There is blood and violence as well.**

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****4 Stars****
Melia is such a quite person. So shy and lonely with demons from her past biting her in the butt without really knowing why. She does what she feels is right to remember her mother and for those who were there for her through to the end. While doing this she is introduced to Wrench (Patrick) and hates him immediately. He's rude and crude and mean and sexy. Wait that's not it.... But it is. His being hot is his only redeeming quality. The question is could there be more?

Wrench doesn't like disorder in his house and that is exactly what Melia is. Disorder and chaos in an adorable feisty sexy little box. Last thing he needs is another woman thinking she can moth back. He know how to fix it though. Just make sure her mouth is full until he's had his fill. Hopefully she will be gone soon and he can go back to women and work the way he likes it.

They back and forth between them had me laughing so hard. They are like oil and water but just like oil and water once you put them together its not so easy to completely separate them again either.

Hot steamy times and great story! Thanks again Rachael!!

Her Run (Her Series #3)
Published - May 4, 2015
201 pgs

This is a Stand Alone Book in the Her Series.

Going undercover for the FBI, I use contacts I made while in the Marines to get one step closer to a murderer. However, I quickly discover there is a whole lot more to the story than I anticipated. Nothing is what it appeared to be.

Having the President gone, leaves me in charge of the Tormented Souls Motorcycle Club. it's nothing I can't handle until a fiery little thing shows up throwing off everything, especially my head. I tried to stay away, but couldn't. I never thought she'd be the one to ruin everything.

**WARNING: CONTAINS ADULT CONTENT. Please pass if you can't handle explicit, panty melting sex or vulgar language.**

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****4 Stars****

Blaze (Jo) is a fed out to get the Tormented Souls for some of their not so legal actions. She is determined to make her first big case. As she continues trying to dig things up she also gets really close to Monk. He is hot and knows how to satisfy. That's all it can be though since she is going to betray them all.

Monk loves two things. The club and sex His brothers count on him to be the enforcer and keep everyone safe. His only hobby and relief happens between the legs of the closest available woman. That is until Blaze busts in and upsets his balance. She turns his careful laid life on its head.

They are so bad together and yet they both can't help the feelings growing between them. When it all crashes with there be anything left to rebuild?

I will admit I was not super fond of Blaze. I just hate that someone could go against the family I have come to love. She is out to get the TSMC and I a can help but hate her a little.

Monk of course was funny and great and I loved him. He is protective of all women in his life. He is buff and great and really kinda sweet.

Great steamy scenes and I hope to hear more from our Tormented boys!!!

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