Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Review & Release Day for Forbidden by Alana Sapphire

Forbidden by Alana Sapphire

18+ for explicit language and sexual situations

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*****5 AMAZING STARS*****

Man this book sucks you in from the first page. I LOVED it and CAN NOT WAIT until the next book comes out!!!!
Yeah it's a cliffhanger BUT it is worth the read now!! (This coming from the girl who severally dislikes cliffys)

Raven is the sister of a club whore and want to be nothing like her. This means no bikers! She just wants to save up enough to get away from her sister and have a good life hopefully with someone she loves.

Gage is the Prez. No bigger biker than that right. He wants to run his club, drink, and fu€k that's it. No attachments and no old lady. He also wants Raven in his bed and what a biker wants he gets..... Well most of the time.

I'm not telling you more. You have to read the book. It's so frikin good though so it's no hardship. Really just read it. :)

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