Thursday, June 25, 2015

Review for Confess by Reagan Phillips

by Reagan Phillips

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When Nashville homicide detective Mitch Kilpatrick defies department orders to investigate a string of small town murders his singular goal is to catch a serial killer. That is until his investigation leads to Lacy Andrews, an uninhibited and sexy-as-sin bartender who happens to be the police chief’s only daughter. 

Confident and alluring, Lacy is everything Mitch’s pride rejects, but that won’t stop him from getting her in his bed, especially when he learns she’s sworn off cops for good. Winning her over proves the perfect challenge until her secretive past connects with his current case and she becomes an unwilling pawn. 

Confronted with repeating past mistakes, will Mitch push Lacy away to keep her secret hidden, or expose her to solve the most important case of his career? 


She was letting this man get to her. Down deep, under her skin. Why?

Her gaze dropped to his mouth and the way he sucked in his lower lip and bit down. His body shifted closer, his knee pressed into the seam between he knees until she had no choice but to open to him and the rounded bone pushed on her inner thigh. He smelled of beer and the strong spice of aftershave, a heady mix of masculinity that left her wondering how a man like Mitch would taste. How his hands would feel on her bare skin.Soft and gentle after all that hard talk? Or would his touch be as rough and grating as his personality?

His eyes sparked, dark and dangerous though the sultry smile on his lips stayed playful. “You were planning to at least kiss me goodnight?”

Her body felt electrified. Confused. Like the cells beneath her skin were running in all directions and pulling her apart from the inside. “I may have thought about kissing you.” Her gaze hovered on his mouth and the delicious way his lips curved up into one side of his cheek in a half grin.

"Then it’s only fair to tell you kissing wasn't exactly how I pictured the night ending." His Adam’s apple jumped in his throat, hollowing out the base of his neck.

She fought the sudden need to run her tongue along the rim of his concaved flesh. To taste him. To feel his heat under her tongue.

God, she was about to lose herself and there wasn’t a damn thing she could do to stop it.

****3.5 Stars****

Lacy- Rebel Rapids native, the police chiefs daughter and spunky young girl. She has secrets that run deep. Secrets that could ruin the family.

Mitch-Is a detective from Nashville and has a score to settle with one man, and Lacy has the answers. How will he manage to get the answers he’s been searching his whole life for?

I wish I could give this story more stars. I just felt that it was lacking something. I was looking for more action and it fell a little flat. So it was missing a little bit of action and there was potential for more hot sex. Of course this is just my opinion. 
Great basis and I think Reagan has an awesome future.

Author Bio

Reagan Phillips’ roots are buried deep in the South Carolina clay and sandy soil. When a career as a professional horseback rider and social assistance coordinator didn’t pan out, she married her collage sweetheart, the Officer, and went to work in a cooperate cube farm. Writing instruction documentation and teaching computer programs by day, she rekindled her love of writing by night. After the birth of her son, she left the corporate world and followed her heart to write about everyday heroes and heroines and happy ever after’s. 

Today she lives North Carolina with the Officer, their son, Mini-me, and a B-Jack mix, Molly-dog

Twitter: @reaganphillips5
Facebook: reagan.phillips.90

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