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Reviews for The Southern Gentleman Series by Nicole Hite

The Southern Gentleman Series Blog Tour

Justified Love - Book 1 in The Southern Gentleman Series
Intertwined Love - Book 2 in The Southern Gentleman Series
by Nicole Hite
Genre - Contemporary Romance
Blog Tour June 18th - July 2nd

Justified Love
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“Grabbing the beers and starting to turn towards the dance floor, I felt a slight tap on my shoulder. Turning around, I lost it and dropped the two bottles on the ground. I couldn’t hear the crashing of the glasses the way my heart was beating so loudly out of my chest. It’s him. Colton Wilson!”

For as long as she could remember small town girl, Carrington Mason had been smitten with Avery High School quarterback, Colton Wilson. The only obstacle standing between her and her destiny was an entitled blonde named Paisley Parker, along with 100 lbs of extra baggage.

Determined to change her fate, Carrington moves to New York City to attend Columbia University. Graduating at the top of her class, Carrington becomes a well-known, well-respected attorney. After receiving a heartbreaking phone call from her father pleading for her legal expertise, Carrington forced to return to the very place she loathed the most.

Returning to Avery, it seems nothing has changed since high school, especially her feelings for Colt. Exploring her new found body and attitude, Carrington is determined to change her and her family’s fate including catching the eye of her crush. With the help of her two best friends, Harley and Skye, Carrington sets out to capture the man of her dreams while saving her father’s farm. Will luck be in her corner when faced with unforeseen obstacles? Will Carrington be able to find justice or love?

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Intertwined Love
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To Skye Breeze, life was perfect. Her best friend Carrington had chosen to move back to Avery, Texas. Her relationship with her other bestie, Harley, appeared to be stronger than ever. And, her relationship with her best guy friend, Wyatt Reign, had the potential to be more than just friends. That’s until she arrived.

Having just found out that her mother had a “free-love” relationship with a man in her teens, Skye’s life comes crashing down with the discover of a sister. Not only a sister, but also a twin named Summer who is the spitting image of herself. When Summer decides to make a move on popular musician, Wyatt, Skye is caught between confessing her true feelings, or accepting his new found relationship with Summer.

After receiving an opportunity she couldn't refuse, Skye is asked to showcase her artwork at a swanky art gallery in Dallas, TX. Little did she know the mystery man wanting to showcase her work was a tall, dark and handsome drink of water named Jesse Lace. Watching her relationship develop with Jesse, Wyatt is concerned he picked the wrong sister; the sister he was destined to be with. But, is Summer there to wreak havoc on their lives? And is Jesse just a distraction with ulterior motives?

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****4 Stars**** 
All Around!!!

Justified Love

Twist you don't expect from a story that sounds like your normal small town love. Carrington (Carr) was bullied and overweight in high school. She had a crush on Colt since they were younger. Her BF's Skye and Harley and Carr are three peas in a pod and after graduation insist that Carr leave to pursue her dream of becoming a lawyer in NY.
Now in her 30's and she is a successful lawyer and has lost weight while still crushing on Colt. She takes a leave from work to go back to Avery, TX to help her dad with a legal issue. Her BF's find a way for Carr and Colt to finally admit that they both have feelings for each other. Starting a relationship, dealing with your bully from high school and working on a case for her dad makes her stronger than ever. Drama of course is involved and boy is it good!

She is free to return to NY, but doesn't know how to break this to Colt. Colt one-ups her and makes an offer she can't refuse. Does she stay in small town, Avery or go back to the big apple, NY? Grab Justified Love and see if they get their HEA or not cause this twist is so good you won't be disappointed in reading this!

Intertwined Love

Skye and Wyatt have liked each other since they were kids and are now in their 30's and still fighting feelings for each other. Skye finds out she has a twin (much to her shock) and wanna guess what her twin does? I'm sure you can figure this out! Bingo: Wyatt's idiot self gets intertwined with the two.
Summer (her twin) is playing the family she claims to want to know by introducing Skye to an mystery man in an art gallery. Lines get blurred and Skye and Wyatt must figure out if they can handle their feelings and be in other relationships or take that next step and be more than best friends. Skye is in danger, can Wyatt save her an rid themselves of the wicked stepsister? Lines are blurred and you will be left wondering if these two will finally get their HEA.
Love that you continue to get to see the characters from Justified Love and like the fact that you would still be able to understand this story had you not read Justified Love first. While you get a better understanding reading that first, this story would still allow you to feel complete and not wondering what you are missing. Once again, Nicole keeps those twists coming that you don't see coming to keep you hooked in these small town loves.  

About Nicole Hite
Hi everyone! I'm Nicole Hite and I grew up in Virginia. I'm a wife to an amazing man that makes my life wonderful. We have two fur babies - Harley and Diesel. I love to read romance novels, fantasy, or anything that catches my attention (namely anything really). It wasn't until talking to a fellow author that I started to considering writing myself. Thanks to a lot of support, I started on this crazy journey. When I'm not staying up to the wee hours writing, I'm reading, crafting, or spending time with my boys.


Twitter: @NicoleHite29
Instagram: @AuthorNicoleHite

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