Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Review for The Last Round by EL Montes

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In the ring, I’m trained, powerful, and in control.
And that’s exactly how I built my legacy.
For years I’ve trained to fight, but no championship title in the world has prepared me for the most important fight of my life.
Out of the ring, I’m untamed and reckless.
Which is why my wife of nine years has filed for divorce.
I’m done with living up to the bad boy image my middleweight titles come with. Boxing is my life, but the money and the fame mean nothing to me without her by my side.
This fight is for the woman that I love.
And I can’t lose.
I won’t lose.

*****5 Stars*****
This was an amazing short ready by this author. This story is about life and what happens when you let celebrity life and life in general get in the way and you have realize what you have lost or lost sight of and taken for granted. Julian is a champion fighter and Natalia is an actress. Julian must go to battle this time fighting for his marriage after his high school sweetheart of 12 years (married for 9 years) sends him divorce papers. In the end this story shows that if two people truly love each other (even in the celebrity world) you can make your relationship work even when apart in other states while working. All relationships take work and when you are two people that have to travel for work it makes it that much harder to ensure that you put your relationship first and sometimes have to give instead of taking all the time.
This book is definitely a book to read if you love reading about fighters who are swoon worthy and enjoy second chance stories. 
EL Montes

USA Today Bestselling Author, E.L. Montes (Emmy Luz Montes) lives in Pennsylvania with her husband, Alex, and their English Bulldog name Butters. She has a Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies.
Ms. Montes worked several years as a paralegal for a mid-size law firm. She had always loved the legal field and found it to be interesting. She more so "secretly" loved to write. Disastrous was her debut novel which was released October 2012. After the release of her second novel Ms. Montes took a huge leap, by leaving her fulltime job to focus on her writing career. She has and continues to write characters with flaws. Ms. Montes said, “No one is perfect and neither are my characters. It makes the storyline a bit more realistic, in my opinion. But I also feel no matter who you are or the life you have lived, everyone deserves someone to love and be loved. I’m a hopeless romantic, and enjoy writing a story where my readers feel like they’re living and feeling every emotion.”

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