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Review for UnPaused by HQ Frost

UnPaused, the sequel to H.Q. Frost’s Life on Pause, will leave you wanting more.

Her memory may be gone but her past isn’t.
Ash and Cammy have been through hell and now they’re back but on separate roads.
It takes Ash hitting rock bottom before he’s determined to fight to get their love back where it belongs.
For Cammy, new friends replace forgotten ones and MMA fighting steals her heart that Ash is determined to possess a piece of again.
Ash has the plan to get her back, but he didn’t plan for her forgotten past to catch up with his planned future.

Rapid clicking from the barrel of my .45 caliber echoes in my head. The tremble in my hands is shuttering through my entire body. Sweat rolls from my forehead into my eye and I reach up, not able to remember when I buzzed my hair last. The soft bristle over my palm answers the question I should have known. I never let my hair get long because this desert heat has potential to kill you. Shaving my head only offers a small amount of relief, but it's something.
The sweat and shaking probably makes me look nervous, but I'm not. The only outcome of this standoff results in me winning. The heat probably has me dehydrated, which explains the shaking, but there's no time for water. I have to say my apologies and hope firing this bullet won't be taken personal. It's nothing against them. But this is a war.
"Put the gun down, Ash," Danny's nervous voice unexpectedly comes from my left and makes me flinch. "Stop! Stop. Just put it down."
Shaking my head no, I squeeze my eyes closed and release the building moisture that I don't want to admit to being tears. I lift my left hand until it's aligned with my sight and stare at the picture of Cammy.
I can't talk right now, but I can speak my peace in my head and I'm sorry. I'm sorry for everything I couldn't protect you from. I'm sorry I didn't tell you until it was too late that I loved you. I'm sorry I left you for the army. I'm sorry I love you as much as I do because being without you makes me feel like I don't know who I am. And I can't do this without you.
The clicking of the barrel off my teeth has seemed to stop. The rolling sweat from my hairline has dried. But the tears, they remain and are leaking with the will to hold on.
"Ash, she wouldn't want you to do this, man. Put the fucking gun down!"
Looking from the blinding sun I take a moment before flashing my sight to the apology letter for my dad that's sitting on a rock and I hope it makes it home. Then I look back to the picture in hand for one last look at Cammy. The second my eyelids shut off the world in front of me I'm shoved off my knees and as I fall sideways the gun rips out of my mouth and fires.
"Ow!" Danny howls and my sight lands on him before I react.
He's holding his jaw and ear so I abandon my thoughts of suicide and rush to help my friend.
"You asshole!" he screams at me before colliding his fist with my nose.
Stumbling back and rapidly blinking, the vision of the desert is fading away and I realize I'm in our bathroom of the beach house. I'm not deployed. I'm in Florida and suffering day ninety-four of Cammy leaving me and disappearing.

****4 Stars****
Cammy has been through more in her short life than any one should have to. She's smart and strong willed. She also has had a few things happen that makes Her life start over again. She is a fighter in more ways than one. When someone comes back into life will she accept the fact they were meant to be together or will she give up and run again?
Ash didn't want to give her up the first time something bad happened. He eventually finds her but will he like what he finds? Will his past keep a hold of him and let his depression get worse? He's a determined ex army vet who has demons of his own. He's also a hot man who just wants his girl.
This is a continuation of their story. This one comes with more ups and downs. Will they or won't they? Will she figure it out and will they work though it? or will it be doomed from the start. I think this book was a great story and well written. I feel though like there should be more to the ending.
I feel like we may see them again and get a little more closer on their relationship. Possibly in a book about Seth and we get to see these two again.

Author Bio:
H.Q. Frost is a dictator of romance but not limited to. She spends her free time eating pizza or napping and loves every minute of it. One of the biggest accomplishments in her life has been co-authoring book babies with the ever talented M. Dauphin and she couldn't ask for a better partner in crime. She's sometimes obscene, cusses more than is okay, and really likes the color purple. Find her on all social media platforms, but don't expect her to know how to tweet.

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