Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Review: Deadly Obsession

Ella was his weakness.
She could shatter him into a million pieces. 
And she was the only glue that could put him back together again.

Title:  Deadly Obsession
Author:  Victoria Paige
Genre:  Romantic Suspense
Release Date:  April 16, 2015
Cover Designer:  Robin Ludwig Design
Editor:  Hot Tree Editing

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*Warning. Romantic suspense with dark themes. Extremely obsessive and jealous hero. Strong sexual content and language. 18 years+

The first time Jake sees Ella he is struck by her beauty.
He becomes obsessed.
His obsession becomes a deadly affair.
You see, Ella belongs to someone else.
Someone determined to keep her ... or kill her.

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Jake and Ella never should have gotten together.....

They were doomed from the start and simple attraction turned in to deadly obsession. Deadly being the key word since her boyfriend will keep her or kill her.

The hot and yummy feelings between them were amazing. The pages were burning to ash as I turned them.

Jake is an Alpha to the extreme, that learned from a young age, you fight for what you want and f#€£ the consequences.

Ella is a sweet and quiet girl that loves sex and pain. She knows Jake doesn't so it will never work as a forever love.

The story started very quickly and was almost hard to get in to because of it. It also started in the middle of events. It was confusing but leveled off well and I really loved this book.

Such an awesome story idea that worked amazing and I am SO glad I stuck through the beginning.

I work as a freelance database administrator, and when I'm not geeking out, I write romantic suspense novels. I live in Richmond, Va--less than two hours away from Washington DC--so most of the settings of my books are in the nation's capital--of course, I'm not averse to creating fictional towns and cities. ;)

When I'm not arguing with the alpha male characters in my head, I love to watch high-octane action movies.

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