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Review & Blog Tour for Damaged Love by Layla Stevens

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Damaged Love Cover

Title: Damaged Love

Series: Bound Series #2

Author: Layla Stevens

Genre: Erotica, BDSM, Mystery & Thriller

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Love that Book Synopsis

All Kayla has ever wanted is to feel loved. She has lived her life with the Stantons, feeling scared and unwanted. She has always wondered about her birth parents. How could they have given her up? Should she search for them? If she found them, would she be able to forgive them?

Senator Seth Stanton’s image portrayed his love for his family. He has the perfect life—a loving wife, twin sons, and an adopted daughter. What more could he ask for? His life isn’t what it seems, and soon what should have stayed behind closed doors comes bursting through. His family is falling apart, and it’s all his fault.

With the help of Dr. Patrice Doyle, Kayla has managed to cope with her demons. Dr. Doyle knows she has her work cut out for her, and she can see there is something special about this young lady who was once so broken. Can Dr. Doyle help convince Kayla she is more than damaged goods?

With suicide, weddings, and new discoveries in the picture, will Kayla be able to heal? Or will she be forever damaged?

This book Is Not a standalone.. You must have read book one called Broken Love and Forever Bound

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"It started when I was a kid. I was physically, emotionally, and mentally abused. I was raped by both of them over and over throughout several years. And then they threatened to get rid of all of those I love. They even said they’d find my birth mother and kill her too. They took VI knowing I would do whatever they wanted to get her back safe and sound. Little did they expect I was ready to fight back for the first time in my life and not submit to their demands. "


"Millie, I am not even going to try and tell you that it was an accident because you'll believe what you want. Please know that I did what I had to do to in order to protect myself and Violet, but I will say he got what he deserved."

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***3 Stars***

This was a good conclusion to Kayla and Garrett's story. 

I really liked Garrett and all the side characters. They were fun, supportive, and sweet. 
Vi is an amazing best friend who's available to throw down at any moment. Wyatt is the best big brother anyone could ask for with a heart of gold. Even Patrice plays a great part in this conclusion. 

Kayla was a problem. She was SO wishy washy about everything. I get the mental and physical abuse, I do. but man this chick is so frikin bipolar and ridiculous. I just didn't like her much.

The editing and muti POV was done messily. I also sorta had trouble with the writing style. I felt like I was reading in a monotone robot voice. I couldn't connect. 
I honestly feel if this was buffed out and maybe had a good editor it would do a world of difference for the book. 

Overall a good story line with a lot of potential


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Love that Book About Author

My name is Layla Stevens, I'm 35 years old and live in Pensacola Florida. I have a teenage daughter who is my biggest fan.. I did not give birth to her I adopted her. I have been writing for a year now, and I have learned so much about myself and books over the last year. I have a major love for the color pink. I'm on all social media and like to think I'm very approachable..
I hope you are ready for this exciting roller coaster, because my books will make you feel every emotion..
I look forward to messages from my fans and I always respond myself. So stop he and say hello anytime..

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